If you use a protonmail.com email address, your transaction will be automatically rejected by the payment processor's anti-fraud algorithm.

You must contact the payment processor directly to investigate why your transaction is declined. Verotel | SegPay

Payment cards are declined for several reasons, most notably when one reached its limit. If you believe your card still has room to spend, it can be for one of the following reasons:

You made a previous purchase on the platform in the last fifteen minutes.

We block your card from being used for more than one purchase per fifteen minutes to prevent accidental duplicate charges.

Wait at least fifteen minutes between successful purchases when using the same card.

Your card issuer blocked the transaction.

Your card issuer may have blocked and flagged the transaction as suspicious for being attempted from outside of your country. Our payment processor and its acquiring bank are in the Netherlands.

Contact your card issuer and ask they allow the next transaction attempt to go through.

After three declines in a row, our payment processor will place a temporary block on card.

Please wait 48 hours from your last attempt for the block to be lifted.

You reversed a charge with another merchant and your name and/or card is listed in an anti-fraud database.

Contact the merchant who reported you for fraud and ask them to remove your information from anti-fraud databases.

You are using a pre-paid card purchased in a store.

Use a different card, unfortunately not every store bought pre-paid cards are accepted by our payment processors.
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