We process token exchange requests and send payouts daily on business days.

Creators can exchange their tokens to fiat currency at any time. We process token exchange requests within 24 hours on business days. Payouts are sent within 24 hours from tokens being removed from your balance, on business days.


🕗 Friday 8PM
token exchange request
Alice submits a token exchange request for 1,000 tokens to US$50.

🌴 Saturday, Sunday

🕓 Monday 4PM
token exchange request is processed
Tokens are removed from Alice's token balance.

🕗 Tuesday 8AM
payout sent
We initiate a bank transfer for US$50 with one of our banking partners.

Transit delays

Refer to our Payout method options for transit delay estimates for your chosen payout method.

🕑 Thursday 2PM
payout received
US$50 is deposited to Alice's bank account.
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