This guide will help you setup Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) for Windows.

Download the latest version of OBS Studio

Version 25.0.8 as of April 26, 2020

Download | →

Install and Open OBS

Adding devices


Locate [Sources] - Locate [+] under Sources and click it
Click on [Video Capture Devices]
Click [Create new] we recommend naming “Webcam”
Click [OK]
Double click your webcam in sources and it set the resolution to [High: 1920x1080 or 1280x720] or [Default]
Click [OK]

Webcam not filling the canvas? | → How to fix source not filling canvas


Locate [Mixer]
Locate [Mic/Aux]
Click the [Gear] symbol under Mic/Aux
Select [Properties] in the drop down select the desired Mic

If there is nothing in your mixer (meaning its just grey) go to your settings > audio > then enable mix/aux by selecting default or your desired audio source.

Setting up OBS profile

Profiles make it so you can easily switch between different settings and sites without having to re-input your settings! Even if you don’t plan to stream with OBS anywhere else we still recommend creating a profile!

On the top bar locate [Profile] and click it
Click [New]
Input the name of your profile, we suggest naming it [platform-name]
Hit [OK] button

Profile is completed!

OBS Wizard

On the top bar locate [Tools] and click it
Click [Auto-Configuration Wizard]

Usage information: Tick [Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary]
Click [Next]

Video settings: For [Base (canvas) Resolution] settings select [1920x1080 or 1280x720] (match what you selected earlier for your webcam resolution)

Resolution: You must make sure that your video encoding resolution is one of the supported ones below:
3840x2160 4K UHD
2560x1440 WQHD
1920x1080 FHD
1280x720 HD

For [FPS] Select [30 or 60] (we suggest 30 unless you know your setup is intended for 60)
Click [Next]

Stream Information: Stream Type: [Show all] > [platform-name]

Stream key | → www.platform-domain-name/settings/account

Check [Estimate bitrate with bandwidth]
Click [Next]

Wait for the Wizard to complete, this can take some time.

Once Wizard is complete it will show you what it configured.

Click [Apply Settings]

If you get a message that says “Failed to connect to servers. Please check your connection and try again.” There are a few things that could cause this:
Stream key was input incorrectly

Start a broadcast

Go to the platform (you can be on any page on the platform) → www.platform-domain-name
Start your stream in OBS by clicking [Start Streaming]

Don’t worry your livestream is not seen publicly on the platform yet.

A modal window will show on the platform asking for your broadcast information

If the model window doesn't show:
Make sure you are signed in to the platform
Click [Stop Streaming] in OBS > refresh the platform in the browser > click [Start Streaming] in OBS
If you still can't get it to work you can go to→ www.platform-domain-name/broadcasts/new

Channel: Select the Channel, by default you will have a channel that matches your username
Topic: Input your topic Topic can be changed at any time during your broadcast
Click [Start Broadcast] to go LIVE!

End Broadcast

To end your broadcast you must end it both on the platform and OBS.

Click in browser [Stop Broadcast]
Click in OBS [Stop Streaming]

Screen Layout

Our recommendation is laying out your screen with OBS and the Chat window side by side. Do not use the player on the browser as your stream preview, always use OBS for this.

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