Encoder overloaded!

Your video encoder is under heavy load and cannot keep the pace and encode video frames fast enough.

What you can do to fix this, is encode your video at a smaller resolution. For example if you are encoding 1920x1080, lower it to 1280x720 instead. Lowering the bitrate can also help.

If you prefer not to lower the video encoding resolution, but would like to lower the quality of your encoding instead, and you are using the x264 encoder library, you can adjust these two settings:

CPU Usage Preset

The default CPU Usage Preset should be set to [veryfast] . You can set it to either [superfast] or [ultrafast] and observe the results.


You can set the encoding Profile to [Baseline] instead of [High] to reduce the video encoding load on your system.


Change CPU Usage Preset to [superfast] , and if your encoder is still overloaded, try [ultrafast]
If step 1 did not work, set the encoding Profile to [Baseline]
If step 2 did not work, set a lower video encoding resolution and bitrate
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