To send a live video stream you must have a stream key to authenticate with our platform. It is important to never share your stream key with anyone! If you believe your stream key has been compromised, contact us immediately to reset it.

Stream Key

Stream key link: www.plaform-domain-name/settings/broadcast

Go to the Platform → www.platform-domain-name

1.1 Expand your side bar by clicking the [hamburger menu icon] in the top left corner.

1.2 Click on [Settings]

1.3 Click on [Broadcast] tab.

1.4 Locate your [Stream Key] Leave your web browser open as we will need to copy your stream key later when setting up your broadcasting software.

Live Video Encoders

Nood supports various live video encoders for desktop and mobile. Choose the guide for your platform and continue below.


OBS: Setup Guide for Mac
OBS: Setup Guide for Windows


Getting Started with Mobile Streaming
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