To generate a HAR file with a browser other than Chrome, i.e., Safari or Firefox, apply the steps described in this article.

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the Nood page where the problem occurs.
From the Chrome menu bar select View > Developer > Developer Tools.

From the panel opened, select the [Network] tab.
Look for a round red record button [ 🔴 ] in the upper left corner of the tab. If the record button is grey, click it once to start recording.
Check the box [Preserve log]

Click the clear button [ 🚫 ] to clear out any existing logs from the Network tab.
Reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before, while the network requests are being recorded. We suggest selecting the lowest resolution (located on the video player) that you are experiencing the issue on, debug file (HAR) can get quite large otherwise.
Once you have reproduced the issue, right-click anywhere on the grid of network requests, select [Save as HAR with Content] , and save the file to your computer.

Upload your HAR file to

Submit your HAR file link to our Help Desk chat so that our team can analyze it.
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